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A critical component of our study is collecting baseline wearable and mood data prior to the start of your internship orientation, so we ask that you please follow the instructions below to set up your Fitbit and Apple Watch as soon as possible.

Please read all instructions before starting the set-up process.​

Set up your Fitbit 


1. Download the Fitbit app (App Store, Google Play)

a.  Create a Fitbit user account ​using the same email you provided for future study correspondence on the initial survey. 

 i. (NOTE: If you have an existing Fitbit user account, please update the email address in your profile or create a new account for study purposes)

b.  Follow the in-app instructions to set up your Fitbit

2. Open the MyDataHelps App and select Account > Connect your Fitbit Account

a.  Enter your Fitbit account credentials 

b.  Check “Allow all" or select the following items individually: profile, sleep, heart rate, activity and exercise, Fitbit devices and settings (not required - weight, food and water logs)

c.  Select “Allow” to grant the study app access to your Fitbit data

3. You should now see “Connection complete!”

4. You can check the Dashboard to verify that your sleep and step data are successfully displaying in the study app

Fitbit allow.png
fitbit connect.png

Set up your Apple Watch 

  1. If you had an Apple Watch set up prior to enrolling in the study, you should have been automatically prompted to grant access to Apple Health during the MyDataHelps sign up process

  2. If you set up an Apple watch after enrolling in the study, the next time you open the MyDataHelps app you should be prompted to grant access to Apple Health

  3. You can check the app Dashboard to verify that your sleep and step data are successfully displaying

Charging Tips

We recommend charging your Apple Watch before sleep or during your wake-up routine to ensure you have enough battery life to wear it when you sleep. Even 20 minutes twice a day should be enough to maintain a full charge! 

If you have any questions or issues with Fitbit or Apple Watch set-up please email the study team at

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